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another dai pai dong eat

I never get tired of eating outdoors, I love the food and everything that goes on around me.  This dig is delicious, I recommend it, though it’s a bit far from town.  The dai pai dong joint is in Yuen Long, right next to the main bus terminus that has KMB buses heading back to town, so it is really very convenient if you are willing to take the time to head into Yuen Long.  After eating, walk around this vibrant township, there are so much to see and so much little knick knacks to buy.  I used less that $500HKD (around $65USD) and bought 6 t-shirts, good quality t shirts like adidas, new balance, nike, COOL EH?

there is a strip dai pai dong alongside this main bus station--different color table cloths distinguish each eatery

a happy staff makes the dinner that much yummier! The two big bowls of rice could be finished by 4 ppl

i really like roasted pigeons

this is pumpkin in a batter mix of salty eggs and flour, I love it, it reminds me of the best pumpkin slices I had in Guangzhou years ago, I still couldn't find one comparable in HK, this one is the closest, but it's still very far off from the yummy one I had before

i am a sucker for black pepper short-ribs

I also recommend that after eating outdoors at dai pai dong, walk around and find one of those herbal shops that serve dark color drink concoctions, hees.  As my aunt said, there are so much heat from eating at dai pai dongs because all the food have lots of heavy frying, so it is best to drink those herbal teas to cool down the system and avoid pimple break-out–good advice for me!

when you spot one of these herbal tea shops, just drink one any one of the random bowl of black goodness

I was recommended to drink this black soup because the chrysantumum sweeted the tea and I wouldn't find it too bitter

Traditional Bakery

This is one of the oldest traditional bakery in Hong Kong that is known to everyone living in the city.  It specializes in making baked goods and pastries especially for traditional Chinese weddings.  This is the flagship store situated in Yuen Long, suburbs of HK; it retains the traditional look of the bakery from many years ago.  The branches that dot the city are more modern looking, but the flagship store certainly offers more photographic inspiration.

the sign says it all--it tells of a bakery that withstood the passing of time, with its own stories and a well-recognized brand--a part of Hong Kong


the red circles really make the bakery stand out in the most congested street in Yuen Long


night fell by the time I wait for the bus to bring me back to city center. It just so happens the bus stop is across from the bakery, so I am able to take a night shot of the building, so pretty

Outdoor eatings called “dai pai dong”

The equivalent of a beachside BBQ in the east would be “dai pai dong”, where the mood is just as boisterous and elevated and the food just as succulent, juicy, and mouth watering. 

In HK, eating foods from street vendors that serve up plates of local Chinese dishes to hungry customers that sit themselves at wooden tables and plastic stools set up a few feet from where the food is frying is a very typical and common food culture. These food stands, known to the locals as “dai pai dong” could be found anywhere that people gather and mingle.  These open air outdoors food eats  in HK are praised for their tasty and delicious dishes at great and affordable prices.  Most important of all, the “wok hei” found in every dish is highly praised and expected from hungry eaters.  Roughly translated, “wok hei” refers to the artistry of the chef at mastering and handling the giant wok,  enabling him to bring out the freshness and aroma of the dishes being fried up.   With a few beers to go along with the dishes, these outdoor “dai pai dong”  could become very boisterous as people start talking louder and “letting loose”, embracing the environment and other people around them.

the typical round table & plastic stools that are chacterized of "dai pai dong" are waiting to be set

customers are trickling in, another great evening is about to begin

The more famous dai pai dongs could be found on Graham Street in Central, Temple street in Yau Mai Tei, or Jardine’s Bazzar in Causeway Bay.  These dai pai dongs are usually surrounded by stalls and vendors hawking goods such as t-shirts, ladies accessories, street jewellery, etc.    The “dai pai dong” street I was at is located in Yuen Long, a suburban part of Hong Kong,  and where people congregate, there will be food stands.  I was at a pedestrian street that is famous in Yung Long for its “dai pai dong” and skewer stands, and there was a shop that is famous for marinated goose, and it was delicious!  I arrived just as evening sets in and restaurants are starting to open up tables and set up chairs while customers are slowly rolling in.  It is easy to imagine the vibrancy of this street and its diners as dinnertime is about to approach

dai pai dongs are very loud and boisterous with waiters zipping through narrow slits between tables carrying plates of foods



fried fish over a slight batter using salty egg yolks

slightly spicy beef slices with lots of onions and bell peppers

yummy oyster patties made with fresh oysters

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