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Wet Market Bazaar

A wet market is like an open market bazzar of fresh foods and comprised of umbrella canopies and red lights at each stand


As a foods brand distributor, I walk supermarkets quite constantly to see what new products are introduced in HK and that is where I do my grocery shopping; today when I was browsing through the open market grocery bazaars called wet markets in Asia, it’s definitely a novelty. I believe wet markets really capture the distinctiveness of Hong Kong, it’s a gathering place that not only allows people to buy their daily foods, but a place to chit chat with neighbours and residents within that community. It’s not hard to find wet markets in Hong Kong, they are everywhere, so long as there are housing estates, you’re guarantee to find a wet market nearby.

The photos taken are from Shau Kei Wan wet market, it’s quite well known for its diverse range of goods for good prices; during my stroll, I saw other people in the market snapping pictures. When I was about to leave, I saw two foreign girls at the start of the wet market looking excited and holding giant-ass cameras; I guess Shau Kei Wan is the more famous wet market in Hong Kong.

Preserved sausages made mainly of pork created through a series of smoking and draining the meat of water; during the winter, people love putting them in their rice while it's cooking and the rice will absorb the sweet and fragrant taste of the sausages

people love eating chestnuts in the winter, it's more popular to buy roasting chesnuts from street vendors because the bag of steamy chestnuts could warm your hands while you walk. If I buy fresh chestnuts in the market, I'll just boil them at home

Like other Asian countries, HK has a huge selection of fruits to select from all year round; I find the little greenhouse watermelons so cute, and they're super cheap, 2 melons for 10HKD (1 little more than 1 dollar USD)


this wet market is very close to where fishmen dock their boats, so customers here are always treated with some of the best "catches of the day"

there is also a huge selection of dried seafood, the seafood will dry in the sun with salt, so people usually buy dried seafood to boil soup with

how can a wet market be complete without meat butchers? Next time I visit a wet market, I'll be sure to find stalls that are selling live chicken and other fowls

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