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I am Typhoon No 8

In the midst of typhoon signal 3, I enjoyed good Thai food with beer last night.    My friend was saying how I am just like the typhoon; one minute I am there, the next I am gone again.  Ack, typhoon Nesat has escalated to a no. 8 this morning just when I need to board a plane to return to Singapore.  I hope my flight won’t be cancelled.

the sky in the presence of typoon Nesat at signal 8

I don’t even know if it is good to be compared to the coming and going of a typhoon, but after that comparison, I feel like my life has transformed into a whirlwind typhoon.  Within the past 4 weeks, I have moved 4 times, and the invisible stress of all the moving is creeping up on me and I see myself getting moody and annoyed when things don’t go my way.

Anyhow, since typhoons come and go quickly, I would like to think my little personal typhoon will leave soon, and I’m going to be settled and not moving for awhile…at least a year anyway



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