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Transformation Designs Discovered!

During my weekend getaway to Singapore, I have discovered two great shops with really cool, creative and unique designs that got me excited about fashion! 

One of my good friend has been doing some photo shoots for designers in magazines, and she introduced me to a wonderful designer who owns a shop on Orchard Road, the shopping district of Singapore. I absolutely love his designs and his concept of “transformation designs”, and his work absolutely amazes me. Prior to meeting him, I have always been a fan of 2-way clothing, you know, shirts and jackets you could flip in and out and act as 2 pieces of clothing; but what this designer could do with his pieces totally blows my mind away because of his creativity and the number of different ways a piece of clothing could have! 

When I was browsing through his pieces, I feel in love with a jacket type piece, since HK is entering fall and the weather is slightly cooler. When he puts the piece on me, he just flips it back and forth, up and down, and it’s so impressive how many ways a shirt could be worn! For the finale magic, he took the top completely off me (I have a tank top on) and changes it into a skirt! What is more, the skirt could be worn front and back! Thus, at the end of the day, I bought 1 piece of clothing, and left the shop with at least 5 different looks! The best part is, I tried it on at home again, and there are definitely 3 looks I am totally going to wear. Because of the endless possibilities with one piece of clothing, each piece actually do come with instructions, so you won’t forget how to do the transformation yourself.

2 different ways of wear are shown here without playing with the zipper

The design could also be worn as a skirt, front as a zipper design, back as a plain casual design

After giving praises to small individual designers, I have discovered an outlet that sells very interesting, unique, and in-your-face clothing and accessories that you either love or hate. This international brand mainly operates in Europe and Singapore is its 1st branch in Asia. Its bright colours, bold designs, and individual characteristics truly make the brand stands out and make a statement on being unique, different, and creative. The pieces of clothing at the shop is a bit too loud for me, but I fell in love with the bags collection because of the crazy use of colours, shapes, and patterns. As I generally like wearing pieces of clothing that are not wild in color and patterns, the crazy use of colours and designs on the bag really goes well with my outfits.

The dramatic use of color, designs, and patterns is definitely making a loud and bold statement; I love how the front and back of the bag contians different designs that compliments each other, it's like buying 2 bags!

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