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A Crazy Kindergarten Christmas!!! (pt 2)

The very 1st Christmas display to my virgin eyes for the year 2010 has been given to Time Square Causeway Bay a couple of days ago; today I actually went inside Time Square in search from some pita bread from Mark & Spencer and realized the Christmas display on the outdoor foyer is also continuing in the main foyer of the shopping mall!  So, this blog will be a continuation of what I have posted yesterday, all the cutey students I took pictures of are exhibited on the foyer level of Time Square.

hung from the 9/f of time square

i love this afro boy

so cute, he's doing a headstand!

giant centerpiece in the middle of the exhibition

a cool looking gramps

he probably got into a fight with the class bully

looking down at the foyer exhibtion form the 6/f



People Watching: Causeway Bay Hong Kong

I have decided to do some people watching during the long weekend at Causeway Bay Hong Kong during the national holiday long weekend.  As I am about to buy a new laptop, my choice of location for people watching would be Time Square Causeway Bay.

crossing street to Time Square

still early, the intersection is not jam packed yet


Indonesian maids taking a day off chilling with friends

Mainland tourists taking a break from shopping

Time Square is a popular tourist attraction, you can see cameras everywhere


friends mingling on Time Square ground

people going up to floor 1 for shopping and going down to basement for food... and more shopping


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