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The need to go niche

It seems like lately, many shops have been renovating and upgrading their images.  The giant McDonald’s on Hennessy Road in Causeway Bay feels the need to change its name to McCafe even though the coffee section takes up less than 5% of its counter space.  Even a premium brand like Swarovski is suddenly changing from its classic blue color image to shards of silver crystals as its definitive shop image. 

I wonder if rent in Causeway Bay has been sky rocketing so much, many of the brands that are opening their doors in this expensive area need to revamp to justify their sky rocketing prices as well.

The giant swarovski display

Diamonds are women’s best friends, and if you can’t afford it, crystals give off just as much sparkle and make you glow.  Please note Swarovski “Austrian” crystals could be just as expensive as diamonds!  I heard there was a toilet seat made out of all swarovski crystals that was exhibited at a European exhibition convention and it cost a good $600,000USD to sit on it and go to the loo.

The Swarovski display I took a picture of is not a toilet, but a giant crystal statue display at the Fashion Walk shopping arcade in Causeway Bay Hong Kong.  It has been featured for a year now, since the renovation and reopening of this arcade.  There is always a security guard standing by, but seriously, it doesn’t seem quite possible to steal this piece of art.

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