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Stanley-a dose of Hong Kong in a day

My guest posting of Stanley Hong Kong:

Stanley-a dose of Hong Kong in a day.

Relics of Stanley

Aside from the alluring Stanley promenade that overlook the vast sea and the Stanley market that lets visitors go home happy loaded with goods, there is a side street behind the promenade and the market that shows a piece of the old Stanley. 

This strip of identical looking houses is ancient and a preserved relic of the HK government, but they are also occupied and lived by people.  I think it is really cool how people are still living in these houses, but it must be so annoying to have people constantly photographing their houses.  Residents actually have to closed their drapes or black out their windows to ignore all of us peeping toms.

the headless warrior~really cool, there are some old shops here that build there taracotta warriors

old trees and old houses

really nicely preserved

old tattered posters that safeguard the house and keep evil away

keeping us peeping toms from peeking in

The thousand-year old well & temple

the path leading up to the temple and ancient well

yellow temple and ancient well~as seen from top of stairs

Haha, sorry to share that the title sounds more attractive than the actual thousand year old well.  As I walk along the nicely paved part of the road leading up to the well, I was getting more and more excited at seeing what a well that has lived for over a thousand years look like.

a small altar place on top of the ancient well; the two large Chinese characters read "ancient well"

ta da...sorry to disappoint as I introduce the thousand year old well gated with a lock. It's a dried up well, there is nothing but dried leaves at the bottom of the well

Yep, I can’t believe all I saw was a hole with wires locked over it.  My sister actually said it is just like any sewers you would find on the streets, so sad!

the side of the temple

temple altar

Stanley Promenade

I like the Stanley promenade, it is always filled with children running around and chattering over the weekend.  On one side of the promenade is rows of Western restaurants serving pizza, burgers, and drinks over-looking the expansive sea.  The promenade is more than a boardwalk lined with eateries, it is also the home to the sea vessel museum.  And as with any other places in HK with the water close by, you will see the “goddess of the sea” temple on the shorelines to protect fishermen and people out at sea.

the promenade circle

the stanley boardwalk~one side lined with restaurants and the other is the expansive sea

i love the design and how this dock looks

you see a restaurant on the top floor of the building, but the bottom floor is the home to the vessels and boats museum

a moment in time

the joy in child's play

"goddess of the sea" teample that is protecting the water in Stanley

i like how these pillars look, though I don't konw the meaning of these Chinese characters

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