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Sauces and Spices make Singapore

 While Singapore is a very diversified country with expats from all over the world, the 3 predominant groups found in Singapore are Chinese, Malays, and Indians. However, the Singaporean identity is very strong; thus the locals all refer to themselves as Singaporeans, rather than I am Chinese, or I am Malay. That is one of the very appealing things about Singapore that I like, the ability of the government to build a very strong identity for its country and that its citizens proudly embrace the Singaporean identity.

I always believe that you could learn a lot about a particular culture base on the variety of foods that are available; located in Southeast Asia, Singapore serves up a host of delicious foods that are found in many Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. What makes all street foods I have eaten over the weekend so delicious is the use of rich and flavorful spices in all the dishes; the sauces and spices take centre-stage in all the dishes, and they are so delicious, you’ll crave for more.

A Nepalese dinner on Arab street of mutton, curry vegetables, and fragrant rice with sauce blended with curry

An Indian lunch of roti prata (fried flour-based pancake that is cooked over a flat grill) served with meat curry + a giant piece of masala chicken

I scarf down curry puffs everytime I am in Singapore from Old Chang Kee, they're delicious! They are made with a blend of curry, potatoes, and eggs, yummie!!

For brunch, I have seleted a tunisian breakfast; the sizzling pan is a mixture of eggs & sauages with lots of sauces and spices for bread dipping

A giant pepsi mural at Harbourfront MRT station--I am a coke person, but I luv it, so eye-catching

The world is at my feet--found at the National Geographic shop entrace at Vivocity

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