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Three days before Christmas at Sogo

Ahhh…my all time favorite picture spot is Sogo at Causeway Bay, and of course, this shopping epicenter is crowded and congested leading up to Christmas time!   A giant department store with international world renown brands such as Hermes, Prada, Dior, Louis Vuitton, to international brands such as Juicy Couture, Kate Spade, Lacoste, to Asian/local brands such as Suzuya, Color Eighteen, Ceu–> it’s a “happy shopping experience” to locals and tourists alike!   I took the pleasure in sneaking a few shots of just how crowded this department store is 3 days before Christmas–rather it be at cosmetic counters, fashion counters, or the supermarket in the basement.  Sogo is definitely having a merry christmas!

People crowding around or getting into Sogo’s front entrance

aside from various blue lights dotting the department store, this giant type of snow flake hung at the front entrance of the store is really its main xmas decoration, yet it could attract hoards of people to spend

upon entering the front entrance, rows of cosmetic counters will greet you--women's quest of anti-wrinkle and whitening creams

 The main entrance of Sogo is separated into 2 wings–cosmetic counters lined up the center of the entire ground floor while international renown brands have shops with massive display windows inside the shop and facing the streets.



The 2 wings on the ground level is separated by a little hallway type of shops that is home to renown jewellers such as Tiffany and Omega; however, you can already see the reappearance of luxury brands of purses!

the hallway leading to more luxury brands of purses, OMG, there are sooOOoo many


shop entrance to Coach and all the Mainland tourists flocking to it

The supermarket at the basement is just as jam-packed with promotional counters selling gift baskets and gift boxes for the holiday season…hee hee, my product is there too!

Inside, Sogo is jam-packed with consumers; outside, the whole street is taken up with vendors and their goods awaiting delivery into Sogo

Welcome to Causeway Bay Weekend

Crazy pedestrian traffic in Causeway Bay every weekend, and of course my favorite spot (Sogo intersection) is also the spot where tourists stood with their mouths hanging opening, take in all the Chinese people marching towards them for a couple seconds, and start snapping pictures in amazement.

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