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Solo Dim Sum-ing is Possible!


This is a revision of my earlier posting with improved pictures, hees.


OMG, I have discovered a little gem in the hustle and bustle of Causeway Bay that is going to become my lunch dig if I need to fly solo, I love it! Can you believe it?! I found a Chinese restaurant that serves single servings of dim sum, I love the concept! I definitely enjoy large gatherings when I eat dim sum, because then, you are able to order a lot of varieties of foods; imagine the challenge if you come in pairs, it is so hard to order more than 4 or 5 varieties because each dim sum comes in 3 to 4 pieces per dish. Imagine my excitement at discovering this restaurant, even if I go alone or in a pair, I can order as many as my heart desire because I am literally ordering just for myself, or if the person I am dining with doesn’t like the dim sum I like, then I only order 1 piece for myself, how cool is that!?! I absolutely love this single servings dim sum idea, and this little hidden gem is not crowded at all, making the environment nice and comfy if I want to stay and chat with my friends for a longer period of time. It is the first dim sum place that I feel is not loud and you need to speak even louder to talk over other tables having their morning or lunch dim sum, two thumbs up!

each patron has his own pot of tea of his choice, love it!

the cute bamboo dim sum trays carring single serving dim sums, yum!

steam pork dumpling with abalone--I think the dumpling is delicious, but I don't like the abalone

a scallop and vegetable dumpling

a very cute prawn dumpling

steam BBQ pork bun

goose filling pastry

pan fried green pepper with shrimp paste

beef ball with beancurd underneath

pan fried glutinous rice

seafood roll

mango crepe with oatmeal

thousand layer steam cake

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