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Hello China! There are things you’re behind at!


China is this giant dragon plunging ahead at hyper speed in terms of economic progress and industrialization; while it is strongly building up a solid infrastructure of the country, the software is most certainly lacking. Without proper education, thinking, and mentality of its citizens, the software of the country cannot keep up with its “state-of-the-art” technology and infrastructure, and it will only leave foreign investors and outsides appalled and flabbergasted at how the Mainland Chinese act and present themselves.

Beijing was the host to the 2008 Olympics, dazzling the world with its display in technology and the country’s steep cultures; however, citizens of Beijing need to be taught how to line up and get onto buses in a disciplined fashion. The World Expo 2010 held in Shanghai showed off the craftsmanship and speed of its architectural sector; however, you have tourists from the Mainland dashing, running, and pushing other people out of the way to get to specific pavilions.

When you conduct business in China and pay for goods to be delivered to the office, a 10-20% amount of goods you paid for are missing, apparently this is normal, it’s not considered ripping off the customer, “everyone does it”.

The brand “made in China”, especially for food products, will send shivers down my spine, there is no conscience, much less social responsibility when the bosses want to maximize profits by adding chemicals and harmful substances that could kill the consumers. If they care at all, there would not be melamine found in baby formulas, ink in soy sauce, or passing off a rodent as a pigeon in restaurants. There have been instances where people dug up the grease found in sewers and sell them off as commercial cooking oil to restaurants.

The economic boom bring about many people that have suddenly become rich and have so much money, they do not know what to do with it. However, buying an LV bag or donning yourself with international brands will not make you an intellectual and classy person; these qualities are exuded base on your interaction and how you carry yourself with other people. If you think carrying branded bags but crouching on street corners screaming and talking loudly will win the respect of others, then education and the way of presenting oneself will have a long way to go.


This is written by someone who is Chinese and is living in Hong Kong.

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