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My special Southeast Asian restaurant

There seems to be something special about this particular Southeast Asian restaurant that excels at Malaysian and Thai food that keeps drawing me to it for the past 3 years.   I first like going to this restaurant because I live closed by  but I still go eat there every once in awhile after moving across the harbour.  I think the restaurant has maintained a very good standard on its food quality over the years and I really like the taste and price associated with it.  I cannot say it has particularly good services because I honestly think it doesn’t have enough servers to serve the customers.  However, I like the presentation of the foods and they are yummy. 

I don’t know if it is because of my pending move to Singapore that makes me start eating more Laksa, but I enjoyed the Malaysian style seafood laksa and the creamy coconut broth.  This mini chain restaurant is famous for its specially made curry shank.  After eating it a number of times, I still couldn’t quite figure out the spices that go into the dish.  The Indians will tell you that of the million of spices out there, you will never learn or be able to blend the various spices if you are not an Indian.

malaysian seafood laksa

2 types of noodles in the laksa, thick & thin, gives off different texture

it was good curry shank

Oh yea, don’t forget, the presentations are attractive!

yep, chicken & taro rice served in a bucket--I ordered it bcoz I want to see the bucket

soft shell crab roll

fatty chicken rice that is delicious everywhere because of its fatty broth

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