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Fake foods that make you drool

After watching the latest season of the Amazing Race in which the contestants did a leg in Hong Kong trying to identify the “fake” sculpted foods from the real foods at a food buffet, I thought it would be fun to take some pictures of hand sculpted foods that are displayed at restaurant windows in Hong Kong.  It was definitely a very interesting episode seeing so many teams stumbling on the task and ended up eating so much and throwing up!  Anyway, it would be fun take a variety of fake food pictures and see if they really do look that real!

if this picture looks familiar to you, you are a hardcore amazing race fans, it did appear in the episode and taken at Causeway Bay "Toi" restaurant that serves up pizza Japanese style--meaning the crust is made of rice haha

that's me taking a picture in the background, clearly I am not a professional photographer, haha

I thought it would be fun to display 2 food statues to show the obsession with Japanese anime and foods in HK:

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