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Trending Therapy Train Tracks

In Indonesia, the rails are not for trains to move on; rather it is for people to cure diabetes, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, and a huge load of health benefits???!!!  That is what Indonesians believe in.  It is so weird seeing these grown adults and with little children just lying on train tracks wobbling and shaking their bodies when they aren’t even electric train tracks!  There is a  women that claimed it completely improved her diabetes and she doesn’t have to take expensive insulin she couldn’t afford.

Sigh, it’s just so ridiculous!  On any given day, the train company could find about 50 people lying on the tracks getting rail therapy.  This just shows the lack of health care system in Indonesia and the crazy folklores and magic potions poor folks need to hold onto because they couldn’t afford basic standard of health care.  Sigh, it’s just so ridiculous!

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