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The village that is shaped like a nylon sack


The full view of Po Toi O village (布袋澳), is it shape like a nylon sack or a purse to you?

After a 3 hrs hike around High Junk Peak, we ended the day with a quick visit to “Po Toi O” village (布袋澳), which is a very small and relatively remote village along the Clearwater Bay Peninsula in Sai Kung. The words “Po Toi” in Chinese means a nylon sack/purse, and the village itself resembles that very same image. I did take a picture of the village and its representation of a nylon sack, I guess it kind of resembles a nylon sack after I have been told that’s what it is supposed to look like, with a little bit of imagination, haha.

when you enter the village, villagers will hawk you their dried seafood goods

over the weekends, these seafood restaurants will be quite packed with hungry people wanting fresh seafoods


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