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It’s a Samsung world in Causeway Bay

Samsung is really pushing up a notch with its marketing in Hong Kong, the pedestrian walkway from Sogo leading up to the World Trade Center is Samsung’s walking canvas in Causeway Bay.  Computers, phones, and electronics are always changing and trying to capture the hearts of customers require constant upgrading of technology and low prices in its products and continuous reinforcement of the brand in consumers’ minds.  I am a pretty big fan of Samsung, for the last 3 notebooks, I have been staying with this brand, I think it is a matter of being used to how it works, and the prices are not bad, and the designs are quite sleek.  I am currently using a Nokia phone and I like how it looks and its functions, but I got to tell you, those guys at Apple have done a great job with its “i” series of i-phones, and i-pads, I have that desire to switch.

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