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Comfort Food

Lately, I have become a bit of an Energizer bunny with so many things to do I cannot really keep up.  It is a really good thing I have such a positive and upbeat attitude and personality, or else I would literally be drowning in my own schedule.  I notice that whenever I am stressed, tired, or just want to sit down and chill for a little while, I always end up searching for the nearest Vietnamese restaurant for Pho.  I conclude that Pho is my comfort food.  I also always order the same thing; a bowl of beef noodle filled with MSG that makes me mega thirsty afterwards, and crispy springroll to add to my thirst.  Last, but no least, I need to wash it all down with a cup of Vietnamese coffee, which is sweet and delicious, but cannot have often.  Ahhh…my comfort food.

i love pho noodle's.....MSG soup, lol! I love spring rolls deep fried or rice paper...i'm going to DIY more food when I move to Singapore

I have been taking my lunch quite late the past few days, as I try to wrap up things I am doing before I get out of my desk.  I have been frequenting the restaurants of Windsor House in Causeway Bay lately since it’s just around the corner from my office.  I was delighted the Pho restaurant has a tea-time special….though I must say the portion is just like a lunch meal, but cheaper, how nice is that?

ps…a perfect pho meal cannot be without the sweet vietnamese coffee…i ordered and drank it all!

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