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Smile the day away

How can you not laugh, chuckle, or go “awwwwww…..” at these cute doggy pictures.

Even though my little pretzel is a lot smaller, he is just as crazy when he panicked! Once on a trip, I left him at my friend's house and when she went out to do some grocery shopping, she left pretzel in a bedroom. When she came home and opened the bedroom door, Pretzel is busy chewing on the wall trying to dig his way out! Every time I visit, I am invited to visit that bedroom and look at the hole she refused to patch to share the story

me too

aye aye

awwwww, how cute!

lol, this is too cute! I can see pretzel doing this

yes! blame someone else...run & hide!

Hi! I'm pretzel, I'm cute too! I can smile!







Sofa cushions Photo Session

shhh...napping peacefully

 The little guy actually spend quite a bit of time on the sofa, and he’ll always plop himself onto the cushion.  Whenever I am watching TV, he’ll definitely be on the cushion, anything soft to chill on

wuzzdat?! Someone calling me?
taking a brief nap
addicted to towels, cushions, anything soft for the tushies
ack! looks so naked in his normal skin
didn’t know his head can tilt and pose like that…hair around ears too long, looks like a girrrrrrlllll
that mickey PJ vest actually belongs to me from 10 years ago, yes…i still wear it once in awhile
a pretzel sandwich

a little bit forlorn looking

looking alert~sounds at the door

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