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THE wishing tree


THE wishing tree is the magical tree located in the territories of Hong Kong in a village called “Lam Tsuen” in Tai Po.  The “real” wishing tree is made up of two banyan trees, which is frequented by thousands of visitors during the Chinese New year. It is traditional practice for visitors to write wishes on a placard tied to an orange and throw it up onto the tree. With the weight of thousands of oranges and wishes hanging on its branches, the tree started giving way and a period of conservation begins in 2005 in hope the two banyan trees will continue to grow and flourish. However, the tradition of making wishes during CNY has continued and the village has purchased a very real looking foam treeso visitorscan make wishes during CNY. Rumour has it that the higher a paper placard is hung on the top branches, the higher the chances the wishes would come true.

the village entrace to the wishing tree

performers strolling around

pinning wishes onto the board

temple ground

I was super excited to visit the wishing tree and to write down my wishes for the upcoming year.  I wrote out my wishes on the nice little pink placard that is tied to a string alongside a foam orange, which I kissed for good luck.  The intense moment arrives when I tried really hard to have my wish successfully thrown up onto the branches on the very first try!  Of course it dropped to the ground and I hurriedly ran over to pick it up to throw up again, and a little kid stepped onto my placard!  I keep whacking on his leg telling him to step aside and he keeps looking at me with doe eyes and continue sucking his lollipop!  After a little while, I finally got my paper placard safely in my hands for a second try, and it fell down again.  With the wind and my violent throw, my placard and my orange separated, eek!  I started running in two separate directions and restring my orange and placard and to give it a third try.  Of course it is only the 3rd try that is the lucky throw!

people busy writing out their wishes

this is actually a foam tree, but it looks so real right?

hmmm...doesn't look as pretty from this side


wishes made on paper placards and tied to foam oranges

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