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Organic Produces: Farmfest 2011

The farmfest is a 3 days event to increase the public’s awareness of organic fresh produce farmed and produced in Hong Kong’s rural areas.  Because of intense competition and cheap prices of agricultural goods from China, many of the farms in rural parts of Hong Kong needs to change and transform in order to survive.  Many of these farms have transformed into Ecotours farm sites to attract people to visit over the weekends, serving visitors fresh produce lunches and a tour around the farm.  Many of the visitors are also encouraged to plant and harvest something of their own during their trips.  Other farms have transformed into greenhouse farming or organic farming to possess a niche to avoid head-on price competition with produces from China. 

I support the concept of eating healthy and introducing more organic goods that are produced locally is a great concept; however, I feel that they do lack in variety.  There are at least 30 to 40 stands at Farmfest that sell fresh produce, and I notice they all have the same variety of greens, potatoes, and melon assortments.  I wish they could expand their varieties, maybe the soil in Hong Kong could only produce those types of vegetables and fruits?

Organic Fresh Produce


very cute turnip heads


i was told the white color melon is a HK/local breed that cannot be found elsewhere

one of the HK vareity of pumpkins has very dark colored skin


the wintermelon is very good for cooling in the summer

i love taro bubble tea

more turnips

i think if the vendors wipe and clean off the dirt from their produce before selling, it looks so much more attractive

i love sugarcane juice

bunches of banana

cactus on the right & aloe on the left~this one stand is a bit different


Other interesting products at Farmfest

i use to love munching on these BBQ flavor & original flavor slices of squids before I understand health & cholesterol

colorful sugar icing cookies, the cookie itself is really bland but because it can give children sugar high from the icing, kids love it

very plain & dry crackers that stick to your throat, in Chinese, it is called the "belly button" crackers because of its shape


american ginseng

crazy! this is a bottle of wine marinated with bees


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