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Public Transportation Etiquette Part 2

It is not my intention to refer to old blogs, but it seems like once I have started a few days back, it leads to a series of events that makes me keep referring to old pieces I have written about.

 In my previous “public transportation etiquette” blog,


I voiced out rudeness in passengers; however, today, I had issues with the driver. So, I got onto the minibus after this mommy with the nanny and 2 kids; the 16 passenger bus wasn’t full, and I slid into the seat behind this quartet who decided to pay for only 2 seats and have the 2 young boys sit on the laps of the mom and nanny. I see this happening all the time on the bus where the adult just hold the small kid on his/her lap and forgo paying for an extra seat. Therefore, I don’t really understand why the driver blew a fuse and made such a big deal out of it, insisting this is “illegal” and the mom needs to pay for all 4 people and the little boys cannot sit on the adults’ laps. While the mom is Asian, she doesn’t speak Chinese, I think she’s Korean, I heard her speaking to the kids while we were waiting for the bus. Anyway, the mom couldn’t understand why the driver keeps yelling at her and she keeps saying to the driver she has taken 2 seats therefore she’s paying for 2, and the driver keeps yelling and talking louder and louder. At certain points along the ride, he stops the bus and keeps pointing and gesturing, and I got so fed up with him, I was just translating to the mom he wants her to pay for the kids as well, excluding all the rude words and unnecessary adjectives used.  Oh my god, I don’t know if the driver is bored driving all day or what, but he just won’t let up and keep yelling and yelling and refusing to let other passengers onto the bus. I got so fed up with him, I was saying to him, look, they can’t understand Chinese, so it doesn’t help if you keep yelling, and you’re just disturbing other passengers. It’s true, who the heck wants to hear him babble on and on about how he’ll lose money if everyone keeps not paying, I mean, it’s not like they are taking more than 2 seats, and you are losing money because you refuse to stop your bus to let passengers flagging you down onto the bus!

I am not the type of person that likes to get into the middle of other people’s issues, I always have an air of ignorance to me, but his continuous babbling and gesturing is really hitting onto my nerves . I told the mom to just ignore him and let him rant, and I told him to just shut up because she doesn’t speak Chinese. I love it when the mom got so fed up with the driver she slapped his seat and yelled out the golden words “just shut up and drive”!

This once again brings about starkly the ethnocentrism in a lot of people; in this case, clearly the mom can’t understand Chinese, so no matter how loud you speak or how many adjectives you use, it doesn’t help, she doesn’t understand!!! This has happened in Canada too, I see a lot of sales and waiters acting really stupid when clearly the people they are serving cannot speak English; therefore, speaking it slowly and louder and louder would not help! You look so stupid doing that! They are not stupid or retarded, they don’t understand because they don’t speak English! Why do people keep thinking that when they speak slower and louder, they would be understood??!!?

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