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The need to go niche

It seems like lately, many shops have been renovating and upgrading their images.  The giant McDonald’s on Hennessy Road in Causeway Bay feels the need to change its name to McCafe even though the coffee section takes up less than 5% of its counter space.  Even a premium brand like Swarovski is suddenly changing from its classic blue color image to shards of silver crystals as its definitive shop image. 

I wonder if rent in Causeway Bay has been sky rocketing so much, many of the brands that are opening their doors in this expensive area need to revamp to justify their sky rocketing prices as well.

Wedding at McDonald’s Anyone??!!

This ad campaign is just missing the golden arch in the background

Snippets from article of CNNGo: (http://www.cnngo.com/hong-kong/life/mcdonalds-hong-kong-offers-weddings-494226)

“Hong Kong will be the first city in the world to roll out McDonald’s nuptial packages for couples starting January 1 next year…  Alcohol is banned to make sure there won’t be drunk party guests acting inappropriately at the family venue, so newly weds will have to toast their union with soft drinks instead…The idea came about when one couple who met and dated at McDonald’s held their wedding party at the Admiralty branch this year…Cheung tells the South China Morning Post that the chain has been getting 10 calls a month from people who wanted to throw their wedding bash at McDonald’s joints”

Am I too high maintenance and the only one going OH MY GAWD and rolling eyes non-stop at this?  You gotta be kidding me!!  And around 10 couples a month would call Mckie D to book a wedding/engagement party?  OMG again!!

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