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it’s all about munching in macau

The last time I was in Macau, I spent majority of time munching of freebie foods:


This time around, I decided to pay for food, lol.  I came to Macau to watch the “Dancing Water Performance” at City of Dreams in the evening.  What better way to spend a hot afternoon than hopping in and out of shops and restaurants while eating and chomping on local, famous, and delicious foods?

famous napolean tarts

if i don't have to leave room for lots of other foods to come, i'd chow down on more than one

famous pork chop bun

chicken fin soup, it has a type of collagen aftertaste i really like

this is fried frog legs, i like how there is a lemon zest

omg, this dish of fried squid balls was so so so good! hot and crispy on the outside nad chewy and bouncy on the inside

the famous crab congee, my friend couldn't stop munching on the crab and eating up on the congee/porridge

very hot day and spending so much time outdoors in shops with not enough or no AC at all, I experienced a heat minor heat stroke. I've to post this picture of the starbucks drinks bcoz at that state of mind, you've no idea how cooling and refreshing these fraps were

the waiters are all very nice and insisted I try a slice of this aged ham, i find it salty

very gimmicky way of grilling the portugese sausage, i find it salty

clams are cooked in a special wine & cream sauce, it was very delicious and the clams tasted very fresh

grilled pork chops


Some shots of Macau, an hour turbo jet ferry ride from Hong Kong

i like using the taipa ferry terminal bocz it's newer and it looks prettier than the downtown ferry terminal

the bridge connecting taipa and downtown macau

expansive and breathtaking

the strip of casino

downtown square

more casinos

taken outside wynn casino resort

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