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Macau’s main plaza–a night view

Main street at night–looks different, feels different, but the mood is just as vibrant and the food is as beckoning.

Macau’s Main Plaza –free munching!!!

It’s all about food, eating, and munching as you walk.

News flash, Orange Julius has opened in Macau!  I am only an hour ferry ride from Orange Julius rather than 3 hours plane ride heading to Singapore for Orange Julius’  ice-cream blizzards, YES!!!

Nothing gives me more pleasure than walking down a street while munching happily and shops offering me unlimited amount of sample jerkies and cookies.  Thank-you!

mmmm...jerkies....there are so many varieties that are so wild, like wild boar, ostrich, but they all taste the same to me, hees...love the marinade and spices, yummy yummy

these little almond cookies are for sale and we are welcome to just walk up and pop them into our mouths for free--two thumbs up!

chopping up peanuts for peanut candies/brittles

must try the napolean tart when going to macau, isn't the giant egg tart so cute?

famous pork chop bun, another must eat! I think this little marketing gimmick of 300 per day is smart and a lie---dude i arrived at around 8ish and I can still buy it, what 300?


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