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What happens when you buy fakes?

I would laugh at you as you walk down the street because your LV reads LW or your Gucci reads Guci. As for those people who buy grade A fakes, which means the quality really imitates the real thing, well, that’s even more pathetic because if you can’t afford it, don’t buy it!

 Anyway, every once in awhile, I would hear girls at reception halls gossiping saying how they wanted the purse or bag from xxx and they’re saving money by missing out on lunch for the past two months…so yes, you are not buying a fake, but you still clearly cannot afford it, so don’t buy it!

 Seriously, a person appears classy because of the air of confidence, posture, intellect that is exuded from within, not the bag you are carrying. I often see a lot of Mainland tourists (from China) that come to Hong Kong to shop and they would be carrying giant LV/Gucci bags with the logo embossed all over the bag. Many of them feel that because they could afford to buy these bags, they are classy and smart. Well guess what? Holding the bag and crouching in the middle of the street, speaking loudly, and dunking your face in curry fish balls while putting your leg up on the rail scream brash and uneducated.

 Hong Kong is definitely a very materialist city and I often hear on the streets or even on TV how the dreams of many girls is to marry a rich guy and become a taitai (someone who just high tea, do facials, and go shopping everyday), I cannot help rolling my eyes and being thankful that after 3 years of living in this city, I still have a certain sense of ignorance to this type of mentality.

 To me personally, I buy brand name bags, watches, shoes, etc, is because I like the design and the quality of high end goods; you would never see me carrying a LV bag where the design is just the brand name plastered all over the bag. That just lacks design and creativity; and most of all, you become a human billboard for the brand! Why can people not understand that? I guess if everyone thinks the same way I do, many of these high end brands that tailor to the vanity of girls and women will be closing their doors.

OK, after my rant from above, I am going to let my diva side shines through here for a few moments and admit that I do use various designer and high-end branded products; however, I purchase them because of their quality and design, not because OMG, I own a Gucci!  To the cool divas out there, I got to share:  if you buy stilettos and high heel boots, Bally is honestly the most comfortable and you would walk around for hours and your feet won’t feel overly burdened.  For purses, go for Salvatore Ferragamo, Loewe, or Cartier, there usually aren’t a lot of fakes of those out there in Asia because the logos are usually hidden or are very small on the product, so people who like to buy knock offs won’t choose them; because to them, they are not “bling”  enough for their taste.  OK, I am going to shut up now.

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