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It’s lunchtime!


wuz on the menu? wuz for lunch? that's one crazy big ass sign

The streets in Causeway Bay are the most clogged when it is lunchtime, when people get off work and rummaging around for restaurants, and when it is the weekend!

People in HK generally eat later than a lot of other countries, our lunch hour is at 1pm, so by noon time, there will be lots of leaflet and sign ladies and gentlemen roaming about advertising set lunches that are available.  Cheap form of advertisement with highest amount of exposure; the streets are free, all you have to do is create the signs and print out leaflets/coupons, and hire someone to stand on the street with the sign, how much cheaper can it get?  Of course this form of cheap advertisement is not only reserved for eateries…

a lone man with his currency exchange sign

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