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chinese fusion fine dining

Very good experience with great food, great services and excelling atmosphere at extremely affordable prices, what more can I ask for?  Eating Chinese dinners usually mean a round table with large plates of foods shared between the whole table, but today, I experienced single serving Chinese food slightly fusion off with little twists here and there, but it still retains the sumptuousness and hearty eating associated with a Chinese dinner.  Two thumbs up!

the meal started off off with an abalone soaked in tsingtao beer, it tasted extremely refreshing, I love it! It comes with a small side salad

swallow saliva, very good

of course, I really like roasted pigeons

i love this so much! it's a baked escargot in a conch shell with a very delicious filling of pork, rice and knick knacks

must have some greens during the meal, these bok choys are drizzled with a fish soup, it was good


i was so busy eating my noodles, I forgot to take a picture until it's pretty much finished. I really like it, it's actually spicy like it's supposed to in sichuan

and a visually pleasing dessert platter to end the night, it was really really good dessert!


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