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Homemade Chinese Radish Cakes

During CNY (Chinese New Year), vendors at local wet markets would see the sales of white radish, preserved sausages, and dried mushrooms increase exponentially.  Chinese radish cakes (蘿蔔糕) is a very common “dim sum” dish that could be ordered in Chinese restaurants for breakfast or lunch; however, this is a must have during CNY.  In restaurants, customers are served three to four slices of pan-fried radish cakes when it is ordered; during CNY, radish cakes are bought in a 12-inch circular pan to serve to guests that drop by and offer their blessings.  It is very common for friends and relatives to chit-chat and catch-up up over a plate of hot and sizzling radish cake and Chinese tea . 

auntie gave me half a pan to eat, look at all the scallops, mushrooms & preserved sausages (my company's brand)

Many people nowadays purchase the radish cakes at supermarkets, but for the housewives that kept up the tradition of making the cakes themselves, it is a very delicious treat for the guests and visitors.  During CNY, the oldest generation of a family would stay at the home while younger relatives drop by to pay their respects and wish everyone in the family a prosperous and healthy year ahead.   My sister loves eating pan-fried radish cakes, and my aunt has picked up the skills of making home-made radish cakes last years and have been making it for everyone since.  I got to tell you, I love her recipe and it tastes so much “yummier” than the ones I could buy at supermarkets.  All the prettily wrapped up radish cakes at supermarkets seem to lack the “love” and “care” that I find in my aunt’s radish cakes.  I think my sister is going to be in HK for CNY next year, so she will definitely be in for a treat, since she is a huge fan of radish cakes!

my knife/cutting skills isn't all the great, but here is my attempt to slice them up before pan frying

i've to say my pan frying skills have no problems, fried to slightly crispy...though I've no presentation skills

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