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Prelude to a great hiking season

Hong Kong is getting cooler so I am excited about doing some great hikes from now until maybe around April.  I have decided that I am going to pack as many hikes as possible into this season, since by this time next year, I will have moved to Singapore.  Even though I will be flying and staying in HK every 2 weeks, it’ll still be different, so I am going to force people to hike with me as much as I could this coming season!

To psyche myself up, I started looking through some of the pictures I have taken when I was on previous trails, and seeing all these great nature shots are definitely exciting!  Hong Kong is known as a concrete forest, which I believe is aptly suited; surprisingly, over 70% of the city is composed of hiking trails, trees, water–something a local Hong Kong person would still find hard to believe.

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