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Grilled pork jerkies

I have been eating out continuously for the past week and have chapped my lip and a mouth sore decided to take residence on my gum.  I am not at my best, and should really stay away from any dry, crispy, overly salty junk foods.  I have to admit, I have been craving a few slices of grilled jerkies for the past few days, and it doesn’t help I walk by the store everyday after work! 

I caved in to my desires and bought 100g of this addictive and delicious grilled jerkies, and they are just as good as I envisioned!  I love chewing up the jerkies and savouring the salty marinade and spices.  This famous Singaporean company rented one of the most expensive shops in Hong Kong;  and the continuous aromatic grilling attracted lots of tourists and locals alike to purchase out of impulse.

I have been told by a friend in Singapore that people don’t eat the jerkies unless it’s during special occasions or the Chinese New year because it is quite expensive, but I can’t just eat it once a year!

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