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From giant to ginormous billboards

I feel like the billboards are getting more and more cluttered in congested intersections and streets, many marketing companies have decided that in order to get the attention of the pedestrians, they need to be bigger and bigger.  I decided to quickly snap at the billboards on a one block distance on Hesennsy Road from Paterson intersection to Sogo, which is always buzzing with people milling about, crossing the streets, and waiting for buses.  Seriously, some of the billboards are so exaggerated, I think they’ll eventually knock me over!

i like the sensuality of this billboard

cosmetic brands spend so much money on marketing to capture consumers, who could choose from hundreds of cosmetic brands

Olay is such a "typical", everyday brand in America, yet in HK, it's packaged into such a high end brand...i don't get it

i love how this billboard is hung right on top of a huge line up of bus stops, when people lift their heads, they'll see her


once again, this is showing how old buildings can maximize profit...lease out billboard space

billboards competing to be wider than the rest

HSBC--the dominant bank in Hong Kong

omg, this standard charterd billboard is so humongous, I cannot capture the entire ad, and I was stadning on the other side of the street, separated by 4 lanes of traffic plus a giant tram rail line between the 4 car lanes!

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