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I am exhausted!

Can a person run on adrenaline for over a month?  Apparently it’s quite possible.  I am proof, but the price is exhaustion and bags under the eyes, but the benefit is you fall asleep within seconds of hitting the sack!  Ever since returning from apartment hunting in Singapore at the end of July, I have been running on turbo preparing for the 5 day food expo that just ended yesterday.

During the food expo, as with my colleagues, I stood for over 10 hours a day helping to man the booth while promoters sell to over 300,000 visitors a day.  During the first 3 days of the expo, I spend majority of my time cutting little pieces of candy for food tasting, but the worst is the last two days when I traded my post with the guy cutting instantly to eat ice-cream.  That post is not fun!  Cutting over 2000 pieces of ice-cream a day make your finger completely rigid and swollen, and I am still recovering from movement immobility!

So why did I trade my post of cutting candy to cutting ice-cream?  Because a lot of little girls find the guy cutting ice-cream cute and supposedly looking like Louis Koo (Chinese artist), so I pimp him out!  Yes, I made him stand outside the booth waving candies and attracting teenage girls to buy while giggling.  Later he told me girls were asking for his number and asking him to take pictures.  So at the end of each day, I told him to walk around the exhibition ground to ask for free food to bring back for us to eat.  For 5 days, I have also transformed into a gigalo and pimped him out.  I honestly don’t even find him cute, just a regular looking guy, but the aunties working at the next booth keep checking him out in leering and pervy ways, they keep giving him food to eat!  Hmmm….The promoters and myself included can get the crowd emotionally high and charged, but it is very exhausting.  There were a number of high and funny moments.   One auntie type lady insisted jovially she will only buy ice-cream if the guy will eat ice-cream in font of her, lol.  One of the promoters decide to blow a kiss to a male customer when he buys candy.  So hilarious when he told her to not do that at night, hahaha.  Yes, I decided to pimp for a few hours a day on the side.

One of my other colleague has it even worse, since he’s responsible for freezing the ice-cream with dry ice before serving.   For 5 days, 10 hours a day, he repeatedly keel to the ground shoveling dry ice, packing, and then pouring ice-cream onto the counter, and then the process starst all over again every 20 minutes.  Aside from inhaling in excessive amount of carbon dioxide, he is suffering from lots of spine pain, and I believe he’s currently getting massages.

Finally today is a rest day for me, just running little errands, but tomorrow is a full day of packing and arranging my goods into “move to Singapore” and “move to new apt in HK” before my tenant moves in on Sat.  I am exhausted, I really am.

the night before food expo

It’s the annual food expo again happening at the exhibition centre in Wanchai.  Consumers are treated to a large exhibition with tons of food products and eats, but do you know what it’s like the night before when all the exhibitors are madly finishing up the booth and stocking in preparation for opening day?

Minutes in the limelight took days after days of hard work and stress….and there will be lots of stress and unexpected circumstances when the show begins….

of course i'll show my best side...9 hrs of work, not done yet still!

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