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The importance of instant noodles

I personally think that what keeps Asia going is INSTANT NOODLES!  The obsession with speed, moving quickly, NOW, snap snap snap requires the population to move and shuffle along rapidly in all aspects of life; from walking to working, to eating, and nothing is quicker than a cup of instant noodles.  In fact, people in Asia, especially the Chinese, love instant noodles so much, it could be a meal during anytime of the day–you can have it for breakfast, for lunch, as a snack, during dinner, or as a midnight snack!

the importance of instant noodles

For a hearty breakfast, cook the instant noodle with an egg, a piece of spam, and a sausage; as for lunch of dinner, cook the instant noodle with various meat and vegetable, eat two instant noodles if one isn’t enough for you.  As for a mid-day or a midnight snack, just a cup of instant noodle over hot water is satisfying enough.  That is how much Asia loves instant noodles, it could be incorporated into every single meal during the day!

the need to move along quickly and the continual obseesion with being fast consumes a lot of energy, so there is a strong need for energy drinks to recharge

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