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Sofa cushions Photo Session

shhh...napping peacefully

 The little guy actually spend quite a bit of time on the sofa, and he’ll always plop himself onto the cushion.  Whenever I am watching TV, he’ll definitely be on the cushion, anything soft to chill on

wuzzdat?! Someone calling me?
taking a brief nap
addicted to towels, cushions, anything soft for the tushies
ack! looks so naked in his normal skin
didn’t know his head can tilt and pose like that…hair around ears too long, looks like a girrrrrrlllll
that mickey PJ vest actually belongs to me from 10 years ago, yes…i still wear it once in awhile
a pretzel sandwich

a little bit forlorn looking

looking alert~sounds at the door

Pretzel is at Doggy Hotel

Pretzel thought he's going out for a day of fun

This is definitely not the first time Pretzel is away from me while I fly away, but it is the first time he is at a doggy hotel.  I feel sad leaving him at the doggy hotel because it seems like such a miserable place to be at.  I know it is a very good hotel,the dogs have their own individual room and even a balcony, I know Pretzel is not really “jailed”, but I know he won’t like it.  Technically speaking, he is treated even better than at home, his sleeping area is sanitized every morning and he is walked two times a day, 30 minutes per walk.  But I know he won’t like it.

When the doggy van arrived at the apartment to pick him up , we were both miserable.  I remember specifically to not look into those frightened and sad puppy eyes, or else I would feel mega guilty and more miserable.  So I yelled “goodbye pretzel” to his little behind while he keeps twisting in his little bag to make me look into his eyes. 

An hour later, the lady at the doggy hotel called to let me know Pretzel has arrived safely, but I know Pretzel has major separation anxiety.  Before, when I leave him at my grandma’s, he would be so anxious he would always throw up on the first day of his arrival.  I was too nervous to ask the lady how he’s faring, but I just have to know.  She told me not to worry, he has settled in ok, but he keeps shaking.  Apparently they tried to calm him down and people are trying to hold him to soothe him, but he won’t let people touch him.  Wow!  Poor Pretzel!  I always tell people I have an ADHD Maltese, and he is now transformed into a depressed little dog, sigh, drastic ends of 2 spectrum!

I know dogs are supposed to reflect a lot of personalities and characteristics of their owners, but I have no separation anxiety!  In fact, I am so aloof, I can just get my ass up and just go, so why oh why, can Pretzel not take after that trait of mine?!

waiting to board the plane at the Cathay's lounge

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