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Shave time!

It is time to go bald! 

Hahaha, of course I am not the one without my long tresses, it’s Pretzel doggie!  After a few months of cooler weather,   Hong Kong has all of a sudden transformed into its warm/humid self.  At the moment, it is still bearable, but once May comes around, it will be very humid and hot.

After sporting a relatively long hairdo for the past few months, Pretzel will once again climbed into the doggy grooming van and receive his first annual shave of the season.  Lol, the bald look will take some getting use to, because he always look so naked to me once he’s shaved.  Anyway, I think he carries the bald look quite well, still cute with a little bit of a puppy face.  My dog has two groups of fans, one group like his longer hairdo, the other group really like a clean-shaven look. 

I personally have no preference, but I secretly like his bald look because when I give him his weekly shower, it only takes a few quick blows from the blow dryer and he will be all dry.  When he sports a longer hairstyle, it takes over 20 minutes to blowdry his fur, not to mention the various tangles and knots I’ll find along the way I have to clip. 

I took a little video of Pretzel leaving greeting the grooming van.  It never cease to humour me his reaction at seeing the van and the waiting groomer.  He’ll get super excited at home when I put a leash on him because he thinks it is his regular walk time.  He’ll be all happy running ahead in absolute disobediance, THEN the moment of truth hit when he spots the grooming van.  He will totally puts on the brakes, double back and run away, it’s hilarious!


too embarassed, hiding in shame

just kidding! I am still cute!

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