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Social media and marriages don’t click

A poll in Hong Kong shows that 2 in every 3 divorces result from cheating as a result of Facebook and over half the lawyers could find evidence by searching through people’s Facebook pages.  Wow!  This is scary!  Are humans just wired to cheating and infidelity?  Are divorces ever on the increase because of the continual expansion of social media that “connects” us to more people?  This statement seems a little bit ironic because the Internet is revolutionizing and it really is not an outlet that is letting people lead double lives–real life vs virtual life.  Facebook is actually letting us build on our own identity and share who we are on the Internet in order to bring us closer to our friends and family and keep in touch with people that don’t live in the same city as we are.  Yet, at the same time, this outlet seems to be leading people to stray away from their spouses and “hook up” with people we enjoy chit chatting with that leads to flirting and other naughty activities?!  Is the social media of today leading to cheating and divorces or is marriage itself outdated and we just have to accept relationships are no longer monogamous or forever?

The fairy tale and the dream of a little girl is still in me, I am waiting for my knight in shining armour, he doesn’t need to sweep me off my feet, but I believe in marriage and want to spend my life with him.  I don’t want to think that one day, we will end up divorcing one another and the love is not everlasting.

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