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Chrstimas mall displays in Hong Kong


During this festive holiday, I have been listening to lots of Christmas songs and have been on a sugar high for a whole week!  The best dessert I have enjoyed is a piece of very rich chocolate cake, I have been thinking about it for the past 2 days, I am going to secretly buy another piece tomorrow just to satisfy my craving! 
 There have been crowd madness in Hong Kong, but because I am a participant in the holiday sale, my hands are so swamped with bags, it is impossible for me to take pictures of the madness.  But to quickly describe the madness of people, there are lines for using the escalators at shopping malls, got pushed and squished on the MTR (subway) and forget about taking a nice picture next to all the pretty Christmas decorations, all you will see are swarms of people.  However, if you are in a jolly mood, you might very well be enjoying those crazy crowds, because after all, Hong Kong is but a small tiny dot on the map!


I have started hitting shopping malls before the week leading up to Christmas , so I am lucky enough to take some pictures of very pretty Christmas displays I have seen this year~sending out some Christmas greetings from Hong Kong!

Olympian, Olympic Station

owwwww, the kissing mr. & ms. claus

The Landmark, Central

the diamond themed Christmas tree at New Town Center, Shatin

outside of the world trade center causeway bay

inside the world trade center, causeway bay

Yoho Town Center, Yuen Long

cityplaza's xmas rooms display, Taikoo

cityplaza, taikoo

time square, causeway bay

habour city, Tsim Sha Tsui

In case anyone is wondering, NooOOo, I am not a mall hopping shopaholic, nor do I need to go to so many different malls to do my Christmas shopping.  Since I own a food distribution business and the brands I represent are in various supermarkets across Hong Kong, it is my job to walk around various shopping malls that have supermarkets, hees.  Really, I am not lying.

Three days before Christmas at Sogo

Ahhh…my all time favorite picture spot is Sogo at Causeway Bay, and of course, this shopping epicenter is crowded and congested leading up to Christmas time!   A giant department store with international world renown brands such as Hermes, Prada, Dior, Louis Vuitton, to international brands such as Juicy Couture, Kate Spade, Lacoste, to Asian/local brands such as Suzuya, Color Eighteen, Ceu–> it’s a “happy shopping experience” to locals and tourists alike!   I took the pleasure in sneaking a few shots of just how crowded this department store is 3 days before Christmas–rather it be at cosmetic counters, fashion counters, or the supermarket in the basement.  Sogo is definitely having a merry christmas!

People crowding around or getting into Sogo’s front entrance

aside from various blue lights dotting the department store, this giant type of snow flake hung at the front entrance of the store is really its main xmas decoration, yet it could attract hoards of people to spend

upon entering the front entrance, rows of cosmetic counters will greet you--women's quest of anti-wrinkle and whitening creams

 The main entrance of Sogo is separated into 2 wings–cosmetic counters lined up the center of the entire ground floor while international renown brands have shops with massive display windows inside the shop and facing the streets.



The 2 wings on the ground level is separated by a little hallway type of shops that is home to renown jewellers such as Tiffany and Omega; however, you can already see the reappearance of luxury brands of purses!

the hallway leading to more luxury brands of purses, OMG, there are sooOOoo many


shop entrance to Coach and all the Mainland tourists flocking to it

The supermarket at the basement is just as jam-packed with promotional counters selling gift baskets and gift boxes for the holiday season…hee hee, my product is there too!

Inside, Sogo is jam-packed with consumers; outside, the whole street is taken up with vendors and their goods awaiting delivery into Sogo

Christmas lights are magical!

I am going to be spending Christmas in Hong Kong this year, so in upcoming posts when my Christmas mood continues to accelerate, there will be a lot of posts in relations to the Christmas spirit in Hong Kong (shopping malls).  Hong Kong is a giant shopping city, so shopping malls after shopping malls will try to outdo themselves with the most lavish, astounding, and “wow” Christmas display to attract customers to spend at “that” shopping mall.  I will also be part of the crowd mall hopping around being impressed by various Christmas displays and entering a few lucky draws here and there myself.  However, what I love the most about Christmas is putting up Christmas lights around the house (inside & outside) and decorating the Christmas tree, those are the best moments for me!

I grew up in Canada and living in a city called Burnaby in Vancouver Canada my whole life, I know just the houses to visit to be impressed by the amazing Christmas light display that certain neighbors have gone all out to ring in the Christmas season.  Since I won’t be having a white Christmas this year nor are there really any “houses” in HK, we all live in high rises, I want to relive the sparkle and magic that are Christmas lights.

ps.  whenever I am admiring Christmas lights, I always imagine myself holding a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows through mitten hands and carol singers singing Christmas tunes down the street.  That is the image of Christmas painted in my head, love it!

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