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Christmas lights are magical!

I am going to be spending Christmas in Hong Kong this year, so in upcoming posts when my Christmas mood continues to accelerate, there will be a lot of posts in relations to the Christmas spirit in Hong Kong (shopping malls).  Hong Kong is a giant shopping city, so shopping malls after shopping malls will try to outdo themselves with the most lavish, astounding, and “wow” Christmas display to attract customers to spend at “that” shopping mall.  I will also be part of the crowd mall hopping around being impressed by various Christmas displays and entering a few lucky draws here and there myself.  However, what I love the most about Christmas is putting up Christmas lights around the house (inside & outside) and decorating the Christmas tree, those are the best moments for me!

I grew up in Canada and living in a city called Burnaby in Vancouver Canada my whole life, I know just the houses to visit to be impressed by the amazing Christmas light display that certain neighbors have gone all out to ring in the Christmas season.  Since I won’t be having a white Christmas this year nor are there really any “houses” in HK, we all live in high rises, I want to relive the sparkle and magic that are Christmas lights.

ps.  whenever I am admiring Christmas lights, I always imagine myself holding a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows through mitten hands and carol singers singing Christmas tunes down the street.  That is the image of Christmas painted in my head, love it!

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