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Calgary, Chinook Wind, -28

I spent one night in Calgary Alberta Canada and the second I walked out the airport gates, I did a huge double take and walked right back into the airport.  I was so shocked by how cold it was outside, my body went into complete rigid shock mode and I have to readjust and realign my thinking and mentality.  From that one split second, my jeans felt like they were soaked in ice, and my face was so cold, a fog formed over my nostrils, and when I inhale, there is like a piece of fog hanging over my nose.  I am already bundled up in a ultra-long north face jacket, but I did not bring any gloves, so I quickly cover my face with my hood and zoomed into a taxi. 

Upon meeting with various business partners during the 2 days in Calgary, I have been repeatedly told the weather was really nice the day before I arrived, but the Chinook wind had blown in bringing the city to -28.  Chinook wind or no Chinook wind, I know Calgary is a very cold place, especially since it is still Winter, so I really was prepared for the cold.  However, when it hits me and I am actually feeling the cold, walking in the cold, trying not to slip on the snow, keep walking while the snow soaked into my feet and make my socks wet that completely rattled me.  However, the second I am inside a building with the heat turned on, I am warm as a toast and I can actually say, yes, the insides of Calgary are warmer than Hong Kong in the winter.

downtown Calgary

the bus comes every 20 minutes, imagine waiting for the bus in this weather, brrrrr

People reading this post and could actually feel the cold based on my description would be surprised to find out that I have actually lived in Calgary Alberta Canada until the age of 10.  Yes, I really have, but clearly my body has forgotten those times long long time ago.  As my sister and I were trudging along the streets with our heads bowed down and our hands holding the hood securely over our faces, we started laughing thinking of how we looked exactly like our mother when we were living in Calgary.  We would laugh at her for dressing in such bulk jackets and always having a giant goose feather hoodie that completely covers her face, but look at what we are doing now!

that is not some cool funky decor like I originally thought, it was actually snow that has piled on top of the roof

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