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Psst…I can officially type in chinese!

~I'm a big kid now~

Three years ago when I announced I wanted to move to Asia,  settle in Hong Kong and explore my potential and career opportunities, I was met with quite a lot of skepticism–which to a certain degree are validated, I suppose…

“Why do you want to move all the way to HK, it’s not like you know anyone there?”

“Their lifestyle and way of thinking is very different, they are more manipulative and you’ll be really naive there”

“You can hardly read, let alone write in Chinese, how are you going to survive?”

“When they known you’re from Canada, they’ll try to rip you off because they will think people from Canada and slow, naive and easy to fool”

“people there walk and move really fast, you’ll be pushed, it’s so crazy crowded with people!”

“no way! You’re just saying it, you wont’ go”

Honestly, it really wasn’t that bad, even from day one; there are definitely a lot of culture shocks I have to deal with initially, but I am a very open-minded person and quite adaptable, and settled in quite well.  While I am not the fastest moving person out there, I am definitely not holding up people walking behind me and sucked in my breath and gut on the MTR when people keep cramming into the compartment, making us all become human sardines!  In fact, on my first visit returning to Vancouver, I was originally walking alongside my friends and my sister and after a few seconds, they would be blocks away behind me!  Lol, ok, that’s a major exaggeration, but they keep asking me why I am walking so fast and what is my rush! 

Now, after a little bit over 3 years in HK, eek!!!  I can finally type in Chinese!  I honestly can get by and function without typing in Chinese at all, but it has started bugging me a little bit that I need to get my colleagues to help me type out words here and there if I want to communicate with my warehouse to look through inventory reports or making drafts of various marketing posters with Chinese writing and catch phrases I want the designer to follow. 

I usually get by typing in the English words in google and hit the “translate” button and the Chinese words will appear, it started becoming a bit of a hassle because it could take me forever to copy and paste each individual word to make up a sentence.  I finally decided to ask my colleague to get me one of those “penpower” pad he was using so I can write out sentences faster.  His immediate response to my request was, “you need to know how to write the words before you can use the pad”.  Duh!  True, I might never be able to write complete sentences in Chinese, but being able to write a few words per sentence really shorten my translation process on google! 

Teehee, I am a satisfied customer of this little innovative technology that I called the lazy way of typing in Chinese. 

the magic writing pad

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