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How are Chinese preserved sausages made

Since my distribution business is carrying a brand of Chinese preserved sausages to be sold until the Chinese New Year (beginning of Feb), I had the opportunity to visit the manufacturing facility where the sausages are created from scratch to the final product. 

From my previous post of “Take me to Carrefour China (https://btlau.wordpress.com/2010/11/04/take-me-to-carrefour-china/), a piece you’ve to read if you haven’t seen dried up headless rabbits for sale in supermarkets….anyway…. you would find a lot of preserved “meat” products for sale, and that is because during the colder months of autumn and winter, the Chinese people are a huge fan of preserved meat products they could cook on top of rice in a rice cooker.  The juice and marinade used to make the preserved sausages will then soak into the rice making it a favorite at dinner during the cooler months.

the sausages are filled with freshly grinded pork and fat--30% fat & 70% fresh pork

before the sausages are put into the oven to be heated and cooked, the color is that of raw pork

other preserved products such as preserved meat and preserved duck drum stick that are being heated in the oven

through a lack a moisture due to long hours in the oven and the various soya sauces and marinades used, the meat will turn a deep shade of brown. The lack of water in the meat allows it to be kept for a long period of time in the cold

there are 2 types of sausages being heated in the oven the bright red one is pork sausages and the darker one at the bottom is foie gras (goose liver) sausages. Actually, no artificial colors are added to the sausages, I learned that they have turned the brighter shade of red due largely to the long exposure in a hot and heated oven

after being in the oven, the sausages also need to be cooled in room temperature before they could be packaged. The chef has steamed and sliced up the 3 types of sausages I would be selling--the top layer is regular pork sausages, followed by the goose liver, and the bottom one is spicy sausages--the niche product

the popular pot of rice with sausages on top; when the sausages are cooking, the sauces and juices of the sausages soaked into the rice, making the rice fragrant and crispy at the bottom

an orange with gold color box is chosen rather than the typical red on gold to allow the brand to stand out on shelves; I have also been told the color orange stimulate our desire to eat

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