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my oh so sweet tooth

Groan!  My craving for something sugary and sweet has kicked in and I needed a quick fix.  I had major craving for cheesecakes, so I got myself a slice of blueberry cheesecake…OoOoOoo, it was so yummy as I fork each bite into my mouth, yummy yummy.

Since this is a sweet blog, I thought it would be fun to see what kind of cake related desserts I actually got around to taking a picture of before shoving it into my mouth.  Apologies, I got to admit, my absolute favorite:  apple crumble–> this dessert will not be found on this blog, because I have devoured it so fast, I have not taken any pictures of it.

delicious fancy cupcakes given to me for free! They were vanilla ice-cream cupcake & mango frosting chocolate cupcake

Below pictures are little desserts that cost less than $2USD from bakery shop outside MTR stations.

chocolate mousse cake

chestnut cake

fruit cheesecake


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