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Ring in a great year at “che kung miu” temple

The “Che Kung Miu” temple is one of the most famous in Hong Kong and visited by thousands of people (as in 6 digit thousands), especially during the second and third day of the Chinese New Year (CNY).  On the 2nd day of CNY, government officials will also head over the “Che Kung Miu” temple and call on the divination of the gods for a good and prosperous year for Hong Kong.  I also stumbled into “Che Kung Miu” temple on the 2nd day of CNY, but after all the media and government officials have left the place for us commoners. 

Oh wow, was it ever packed!  There were thousands of people, incense sticks, and windmills all over the place, it was cohesive madness!  For an avid believer, there are three things you could do at “Che Kung Miu” to ring in a good year; burning incense as offering for a wonderful year ahead, turn the windmill to turn the luck the right way, and beat 3 times loudly on the drums to ring in a great year.  As a Christian, I skipped the first step, and participated on the last 2 steps before walking around the market that is connected to the temple, my eyes got dizzy with all the windmills on display.  Aside from crazy smoke from the burning incense that smog my face and made my eyes teared up every once in awhile, it was a great experience, and funny seeing workers with giant ass fumigators on.

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