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The holiday spirit has just started in Hong Kong

Before Christmas is even over, many shops have already started taking over pushing Chinese New Year goodies, and the CNY holiday doesn’t officially start until Feb 3rd 2011! 

this vendor has already rented out a high traffic shop selling red envelopes, where people will put money in to give to others that are younger. Sorry, this whole money giving is not between strangers, just between family members and friends when you visit and give each other well wishes. Since I am not married, that is the highlight of my day, I have started dressing my dog up in a pretty shirt with pockets for the event too, hahaha

 The holiday spirit is high in Hong Kong as people anticipate ringing in the new year again in a month’s time based on the Chinese calendar.  This holiday is the biggest and most important of all to Chinese people, it is a joyous festival of family gatherings; especially in China where there is a huge migrant population, these workers could finally head home to their villages for a much needed annual family gathering.

I have big plans for myself during my 7-day CNY (Chinese New Year) holiday; as Hong Kong is a vibrant and commercial city, major shopping malls and department stores are open for us shopaholic.  I am heading to Canada for a 7-day visit and hope to be in Hong Kong to participate in the various CNY celebration with a friend visiting from Singapore.

Anyone from overseas with a vacation in mind beginning of Feb should consider Hong Kong, lots of good events happening during CNY–in the following few sentences, I am going to sound like the tourism board of HK, but I am just so excited about my anticipated plans!

  • 1st day of CNY (giant CNY parade and float in the evening)
  • 2nd day of CNY (after giving my well wishes to my family and collecting a couple of red pockets with $$$, I am going to head to the famous wishing tree in HK and make a wish–in the evening, I plan on enjoying the giant display of fireworks that will ring in the new year)
  • 3rd day of CNY (heading over to the jockey club race course for the 1st bet of horse racing of the season–on the 1st day, there is usually a very special souvenir for all those that go to the race course)

Sounds pretty fun right?  I haven’t even mention the shopping and foods, my holiday mood will continue to accelerate!

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