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Nightime Causeway Bay

Some night shots of Causeway Bay on Patterson Street and the famous Time Square in Hong Kong.  I think HK is very famous for its lights, it doesn’t even feel dark in the middle of the night, and I suppose that is what keeps the city so exciting and vibrant.

Piggy Banks!

It was really cool spotting the HSBC’s “save for your dreams” piggy bank display on Paterson street Causeway Bay today.  There was a competition earlier where many students submit their designs and these were the ones on display in Causeway Bay.  I remember my parents buying me those bright red plastic piggy banks as a child, and the mentality to save money for the rainy day is indeed deeply rooted to many Asia children.

A Mount Everest Meat Pattie

when can i sit down & eat???

I decided to bring my friend to “my favorite hole” in Tai Hang for dinner and I have selected an eatery that serves up delicious local cuisines; what I love about this restaurant is that you can dine inside or soak in the atmosphere and let loose siting outside on stools while chatting up a storm with your friends and the next table is talking even louder and everyone is just checking other people’s tables to make sure they haven’t forgotten to order “that delicious dish”.  I love it!  I have to sit outside anyway because little Pretzel always accompany me to “my favorite hole”.  I specifically told my friend to meet me by 6pm and no later because it is a weekend and I know the eating joints will be packed–sadly I was right, she was 15 minutes late and by the time I made a beeline to my joint, I already spot the line up of at least 8 tables ahead, boo!

I got to tell you though, the wait is worth it, because their foods are delicious, and the thing I love most is while they serve up common foods, they add a little twist to them, give them a bit of pizzaz, so they seem all new and unique to customers, love it!

the famous meat pattie--this dish is usually flat on the plate and the salty egg yolk is either in the center or crushed with the meat; it must be challenging cooking the meat stacked in this style. Very cool and innovative--its signature dish

translated as "saliva chicken", the name originates from the fact that it is quite spicy so it produces saliva~haha, i just made that up

black bean sauce fried clams

steam egg with crab, this is a very hard dish to make because the amount of time needed to cook the egg & crab is different. The chef needs to layer on the egg 1 layer at a time to cook in sync with the crab. It is very tasty, the eggs have the taste of crab, superb!

lemon tea with fresh slices of lemon is the best!

In my excitement of eating and forgetting how jam-packed the joint was that evening, I put Pretzel on a stool smack in the center and the waiter completely did not see poor Pretzel and thought the stool was empty and totally kicked it.  My poor dog flew to the ground squealing, but he is alright.  Just a bit shocked at the unexpected adventure and refused to sit on the stool by himself anymore and decided to crawl onto my laps during the entire meal, and my legs have pins and needles running up and down by the end of the meal.

the line that has formed at 6pm, and people in HK eat late, 7:30-8:30 is the usual dinner hour

it is still packed at 7:30, what a great night for this family owned business!

The giant swarovski display

Diamonds are women’s best friends, and if you can’t afford it, crystals give off just as much sparkle and make you glow.  Please note Swarovski “Austrian” crystals could be just as expensive as diamonds!  I heard there was a toilet seat made out of all swarovski crystals that was exhibited at a European exhibition convention and it cost a good $600,000USD to sit on it and go to the loo.

The Swarovski display I took a picture of is not a toilet, but a giant crystal statue display at the Fashion Walk shopping arcade in Causeway Bay Hong Kong.  It has been featured for a year now, since the renovation and reopening of this arcade.  There is always a security guard standing by, but seriously, it doesn’t seem quite possible to steal this piece of art.

A Crazy Kindergarten Christmas!!! (pt 2)

The very 1st Christmas display to my virgin eyes for the year 2010 has been given to Time Square Causeway Bay a couple of days ago; today I actually went inside Time Square in search from some pita bread from Mark & Spencer and realized the Christmas display on the outdoor foyer is also continuing in the main foyer of the shopping mall!  So, this blog will be a continuation of what I have posted yesterday, all the cutey students I took pictures of are exhibited on the foyer level of Time Square.

hung from the 9/f of time square

i love this afro boy

so cute, he's doing a headstand!

giant centerpiece in the middle of the exhibition

a cool looking gramps

he probably got into a fight with the class bully

looking down at the foyer exhibtion form the 6/f



A Crazy Kindergarten Christmas!!!


Time Square in Hong Kong has selected a theme for its Christmas display called “A Crazy Xmas” by local artist and designer Michael Lau. I love it! The theme is a kindergarten Christmas display with spray paint cans, name tags, chalk board, balloons, locker/clothe hangers, etc; it’s very cool, a children Christmas display with lots of colors, noise, and party spirit.

a cute kindergartener, my mom used to put my hair into that exact same sytle

this is probably the grumpy kid that could be found in every classroom

the ground is painted with name tags where the "a crazy xmas" is displayed

it's a crazy christmas!!

It’s lunchtime!


wuz on the menu? wuz for lunch? that's one crazy big ass sign

The streets in Causeway Bay are the most clogged when it is lunchtime, when people get off work and rummaging around for restaurants, and when it is the weekend!

People in HK generally eat later than a lot of other countries, our lunch hour is at 1pm, so by noon time, there will be lots of leaflet and sign ladies and gentlemen roaming about advertising set lunches that are available.  Cheap form of advertisement with highest amount of exposure; the streets are free, all you have to do is create the signs and print out leaflets/coupons, and hire someone to stand on the street with the sign, how much cheaper can it get?  Of course this form of cheap advertisement is not only reserved for eateries…

a lone man with his currency exchange sign

Welcome to Causeway Bay Weekend

Crazy pedestrian traffic in Causeway Bay every weekend, and of course my favorite spot (Sogo intersection) is also the spot where tourists stood with their mouths hanging opening, take in all the Chinese people marching towards them for a couple seconds, and start snapping pictures in amazement.

From giant to ginormous billboards

I feel like the billboards are getting more and more cluttered in congested intersections and streets, many marketing companies have decided that in order to get the attention of the pedestrians, they need to be bigger and bigger.  I decided to quickly snap at the billboards on a one block distance on Hesennsy Road from Paterson intersection to Sogo, which is always buzzing with people milling about, crossing the streets, and waiting for buses.  Seriously, some of the billboards are so exaggerated, I think they’ll eventually knock me over!

i like the sensuality of this billboard

cosmetic brands spend so much money on marketing to capture consumers, who could choose from hundreds of cosmetic brands

Olay is such a "typical", everyday brand in America, yet in HK, it's packaged into such a high end brand...i don't get it

i love how this billboard is hung right on top of a huge line up of bus stops, when people lift their heads, they'll see her


once again, this is showing how old buildings can maximize profit...lease out billboard space

billboards competing to be wider than the rest

HSBC--the dominant bank in Hong Kong

omg, this standard charterd billboard is so humongous, I cannot capture the entire ad, and I was stadning on the other side of the street, separated by 4 lanes of traffic plus a giant tram rail line between the 4 car lanes!

Rain Rain Go Away…

The continual drizzle of the rain on Friday predicts a wet weekend, so I am a bit bummed out, hopefully the weather will be better by Sunday and I could take my dog for a much needed hike.  I thought it would be fun catching people on the streets with their umbrellas, because our streets are so narrow and so filled with activities, it could be very frustrating when everyone is trying to walk past with their umbrellas.  If you are short like me, you’ll guarantee be poked or stabbed by other people’s umbrellas as they try to shove past.

even with umbrellas, people tend to clutter under awnings

bus, bus, take me homeeee

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