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Take me to Carrefour China

I sneaked in some pictures of the supermarket section of Carefour in Shenzhen China with my phone; of course it’s an eye-opener with its selections and some of the products for sale really scared me.

baskets after baskets of dried seafoods

mountains of little shrimps for sale--all I can see are the eyes staring at me

dried squids for sale

the weather is getting colder, preserved meats are popular for cooking on top of rice

these are really plump sausages, look at all the fat, shudder

this dark chunk of preserved meat is not burnt, it's preserved through a charcoal process that's popular from the province of Hunan in China, but yea...I would not put that into my mouth, no thx

I still get the goosebumps when I look at this picture, because this is a preserved headless rabbit

preserved chicken (with head & feet) on the left and preserved rabbit (without head & feet) on the right

moving to the fresh seafood section, mussles and turtles for sale

i love eating crabs fried with ginger and green onions, yummy yummy

very juicy and delicious pears from Xianjian China, there is a huge visible minority of Uyghur (Turkic enthnic group) in this border province, and it possesses some of the most succulent fruits (pears/melons/grapes) in all of China

not your typical Dole pineapple eh?

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