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Vancouver is more than totem poles

When my plane landed in Hong Kong on the eve of Chinese New Year, I started getting busy as the city celebrates the arrival of the year of the rabbit.  I realized I haven’t quite concluded my trip to Vancouver Canada in my online journal, and I most certainly wish to do that before blogging about all the things I would be doing in Hong Kong. 

In my opinion, foods are very special and the appreciation of their tastes, flavors, and textures transcend all forms of communication and language barriers.  Vancouver is a very diversified city filled with flavorful and authentic cuisines of the world.  Often, people refer to Hong Kong as the international food place ; however, there are times when the dishes have fusion off to incorporate ingredients or tastes slightly altered to fit the taste buds of the local consumers. 

What makes Vancouver different is that the city is home to many people of different ethnicities, these Canadians started building their local communities and open small shops and restaurants that could be found in their homeland.  These restauranteurs and family businesses really stay true to the tastes and flavors found in their mother country.  Perhaps it is a way to remind them the taste of “home”, which becomes a treat to all diners that love tasting different cuisines of the world.

For me, eating in Vancouver is more than “white food”, such as burgers and pizza, there are great Chinese, Italian , Greek , and Vietnamese foods all over town!  I love  the flavors I find here because while eating, I am reminded of my previous “homeland” and my childhood too.  For those people out there that think Vancouver is all about totem poles, it is not true!  There are great foods to be found in this Western city of Canada, which by the way, has the best weather in the world!  Just to set the records straight, Canada is not all about cold, snow, and wood, and we are not part of the United States!  Canada is a country, that’s why the people are called Canadians.

oh baby, this is what I am talking about when I say the "good ol' american burger", juicy and just absolutely delicious! Mushroom mozerella burger with a side of deep fried onion rings...oh I am still relishing

of course i must have wings & pizza when I am in North America!

good ol' pho Vancouver style, just the way I like my vietnamese food

i love baked seafood fried rice, i used to have this as late dinners with friends when I was in high school. Cannot find the good ones in HK, I've to make it myself, which tastes just as good...i'd like to believe...

a platter of indian goodness, I've to admit, the best chicken tikka is in HK, but the nanns were delicious!

nothing beats a piece of homemade sirloin and good conversation in front of the fireplace. My potatoe looks naked here, but it was so nice & soft and delicious when I dressed it up with sour cream & bacon bits

Good ol' timbits from tim horton's--the easiest & cheapest sugar high from Canada

believe me when I say the best sushi & sashimi is from Vancouver, and it doens't cost you an arm & a leg!

mexican tacos, yum!

my favorite, yogan fruz yogurt & dairy queen's blizzards

calgary is famous for its crab cakes, this is the best I have tasted! Slightly crispy on the outside sizzled with herb & butter sauce, and inside, pure crab meat heaven

this piece of fuzzy looking new york strip is cooked to perfection! I love canadian alberta beef!

i love fish & chips from England, but this is also very good

ceasar with steak

i love greek food, and this plate represents the greek i know

View from the plane (Calgary to Vancouver) Canada

Some amazing views of nature taken from the sky:

Calgary,  Alberta, Canada

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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