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The exotic healers of Bangladesh

The water gypsies of Bangladesh is a nomadic and marginalized group called the Bedey community that only set foot on dry lands when they need to earn some money or replenish their supplies.  I consider them the exotic healers of Bangladesh because the women are considered witches as traditional healers and men snake charmers with potions that cure snake venom. 

 As Bangladesh is an extremely poor country, majority of the people could not afford medicine; they would trun to the water gypisies for their exotic cures to cure such ailments as back pains, migraines, or cavaties.  When these women enter the marketplace, groups will form around them out of curioisty as the women start chanting and offering magical potions and cure.  To earn a living, the men are more daring in their sales pitch, guiding a hissing snake into their mouth and letting the snake bite them; then they would immediately rub their snake venom cure onto the bite to prove to spectators the effectiveness of their cures and to show that  they have not died from the snake bites.

I find it strange that the Blagladeshi people would trust the medicine of the Bedey community, and yet view this group with suspicion, depriving them of the country’s economic development, education, or acceptance into mainstream community.

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