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Animal Cruelty

I cannot say i am an absolute animal lover but i respect all living things and feel absolutely outraged whenever i hear of animal abuse.  I feel so disgusted and pained to hear of the brutal death of a stray cat in hong kong. The way the cat was cruelly and brutally abused absolutely makes my stomach turned. Some psychotic person grabbed onto the tail of a stray cat and keep flinging him so hard until he smashed into the wall. it was so violent the tail of the cat was brutally ripped off. Still breathing the cat scampered into the back of a staircase and suffered massive pain before dying. I am redundant with my feeling of absolute digust and horror, it is so hard for me to comprehend how someone can inflict such pain and cruelty on another living breathing creature. This is not a lack of education but the need of a person’s dominance on another. Why do humans do such evil things? This is one question i can never get an answer to because I also can’t understand how soldiers can inflict such pain and cruelty to other human beings during war. It is so painul and so sad to know there is this evil seed inside each one of us…

puppy hung on clothing line

Just looking at the image is a bit baffling, so why would the teen owner be shocked at the reactions received for the picture he posted of Facebook?!?

The teen from the Phillipines posted the dog’s picture on facebook and thought it was cool.  Animal activists are now up in arms over the picture of the dog and have set up facebook groups condemning the act.  The teen thinks it’ll be a faster way of drying the dog, by hanging the puppy like a piece of clothing on a clothing line.  Seriously, what is he thinking?  The only “good” thing out of this unusual incident is the teen acknowledges his wrongdoing, which I think is great.  He has posted the following statement on his facebook page after the outcry of his photo & action:  “To All Animal Lovers and to (people) all over the world please read this: I would like to ask for forgiveness for the wrong I’ve done against my dog. I hope you could forgive me and I promise it will never happen again.”

On the web, there are comments from fellow netizens saying the puppy really isn’t hurt because dogs do have a flap of skin which the mother dog carry in her mouth to move the puppy around.  The flap of skin the mother dog carry in the mouth is similar to the clothing pins used to hold the dog onto the clothing line.  However,  I can only imagine how confused the little puppy must have been being hung in mid-air, poor thing.  While I believe this isn’t intentional animal cruelty but a mere act of stupidity, it still boggles the mind.

On Animal Cruelty and Why?

I would never be able to understand why people commit cruelty against dogs and cats, so I would concur with the idea that these people are weak and are outcasts of society, thus they need to vent and have the need to feel powerful and strong. Therefore, they would show their dominance on weaker subjects and derive pleasure out of their meek submission. I am going to share two stories of animal cruelty that occurred in Hong Kong that have truly disturbed me and leave me feeling disgusted. This is the one time I actually wanted to spit on someone, and trust me, spitting on others is such a low and degrading act.



On cruelty against cats

There is this giant park (Victoria Park) in the middle of town that is the home to a lot of stray cats & kittens; there are a lot of people that stroll around the park doing exercise and walk by the park to the public library, thus, this lively atmosphere attract a lot of people to feed the stray cats. Awhile back, a nighttime assassin started appearing in Victoria Park to grab these stray cats and disfigured them, leaving them without claws and toes. At extreme instances, some of the cats have their limbs cut off and their eyes scratched out.

On cruelty against dogs

This crime is committed by a local puppy mill that has rented a giant warehouse in the suburbs to store dogs and sell pure bred puppies to pet shops in Hong Kong. The living condition in this warehouse is absolutely gruesome and the dogs that are housed there are treated inhumanely and are malnourished. The dogs are fed scraps from nearby restaurants and to avoid complaints from nearby warehouses of dogs barking, the owner of this puppy mill has slit the throats of all the dogs in such a way that they are not able to bark or make any noise. The purpose of the dogs living in this warehouse is to produce puppies for the owner to sell, and devoid of any walking space or light in the crowded warehouse (thousands of dogs were found), many of these dogs are going crazy and are so nervous they would chew and bite themselves and other dogs around them. To prevent this from happening, the owner decided to knock off all the teeth of the dogs that are there to breed so the puppies would not be harmed or else they won’t be able to sell them for money.

even if you don't like animals, you don't have a right to mistreat them

Initiation into Manhood = Dolphin Killings (Denmark)

As outsiders, many of us would often find African tribal practice of inflicting pain onto ourselves to prove boys are ready for manhood disturbing; yet the practice of killing defenseless dolphins in Denmark by boys as a bravado act into manhood appalling and beyond comprehension.  When I received an email from a friend that shares with the international community the grotesque ignorance and needless cruelty to dolphins in Denmark, my mouth hung opened, my brows frowned, and my head shaking back and forth at learning of yet another act of violence committed against defenseless animals.


Every year in Feroe Island in Denmark, the sea is stained blood-red because hundreds of famous and intelligent Calderon dolphins are killed.

This slaughter is performed by young teenage boys to prove they are mature and ready for manhood.

Everyone looks on and participates in this "celebration" as supporters and spectators of animal cruelty

It's necessary to mention the Calderon dolphins are near extinction and the reason it's possible for these "men" to capture them so easily is because they come close to humans to interact and play to extend their friendship.


The dolphins do not die immediately, they need to be repeatedly stabbed with thick hooks and the dolphins will produce a grim cry like the sounds made of new-born babies. While the dolphins die in their own blood, no compassion or mercy is shown

Denmark is considered one of the most happy places on earth, yet this act of brutality is repeatedly performed every year; please don't ignore the dismay and outcry of the international community

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