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Pretty men, Handsome women

 I was watching a documentary on TV last night about men and their obsession with the perfect body and face…on themselves. Loosely termed the “metrosexuals” of the city, men who are well groomed and well dressed; however, the group shown on TV went above and beyond that, applying foundation to hide skin impurities and applying various shadows to highlight and accentuate bone structures. Some has taken it another notch up by having cosmetic surgeries to “perfect” themselves (tweak of the nose, fill out their chest and calf). In this day and age, all the above mentioned would be seen as typical behaviors on a woman, but have men cross the line? Is it uncomfortable seeing men apply make-up or need hours to prepare themselves, haven’t women been doing that for ages? Is there a change in the role of the genders in front of our eyes?

With the changing of time, men and women are becoming more androgynous; perhaps the perception of “beauty” in a man has changed from “handsome” to being “pretty”. What used to define a man has “handsome” might have been tall, broad, rugged looking; nowadays, in hectic metropolitans, the “good looking men” need to be well groomed with perfect eye brows and smooth, soft skin. The “female” within the men are ever-more important and emerging from the male species; they tend to be more popular with women and women are more drawn to their sensitive and humorous nature.

Perhaps this change in men resulted in the evolution and changing role of women in society; who are no longer seen as “caregiver” and “needy”. Many women nowadays are strong minded, with extremely successful careers, and might very well be the primary breadwinner within a household. Who knows, it might have been the evolution of women in the hectic cities that are causing the changes in men.

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